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MayAir emphasises R&D and innovation and is committed to continuously striving for breakthroughs and innovations in core technologies and applications. It has 16 core technologies and a full range of product lines and solutions in semiconductor & biological cleanroom air purification, indoor air quality optimisation, atmospheric pollution emission control, etc.


R&D innovation projects cover upstream core filter material and technology research and development, product realization plan and process research and development. Meanwhile, downstream application and solution research and development look into big data and intelligent service system research and development, etc. It has nearly 20 professional R&D laboratories, including an ultra-clean semiconductor laboratory, filter material laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, product function laboratory, and CFD simulation laboratory. The laboratories comply with ISO, China GB, EU EN, US ASHRAE and other professional standards in the country and abroad and have passed the CNAS certification.

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Good news I MayAir was awarded the national specialization and special new "little giant" enterprises
MayAir has been deeply involved in the field of domestic high-end air purification technology for 20 years. With 16 core technologies and 76 patents in the fields of semiconductor & biological clean room air purification, indoor air quality optimization, and atmospheric environmental emission control, it has successfully been awarded the third batch national-level special expertise new "little giant" enterprises.
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Air Disinfection Machine helps improve the work efficiency of medical staff
In order to improve the work efficiency of medical staff during the pandemic, the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association coordinated some disinfection machine manufacturers in the province to donate disinfection machines to several major hospitals in Nanjing, this can avoid the suspension of the work of the medical staff due to the spraying of disinfectants.
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Technical articles| control solution for semiconductor clean room
Table 2 is an example of the deployment scheme of chemical filter for fresh air and FFU chemical filter. The target AMC is inorganic acid. Assuming that the outdoor concentration is 30 μ g/m3, the chemical filtration coverage rate is 50%, and the internal generation source is 10 μ g/m3, it is necessary to meet the concentration requirements of ITRS for the clean room air and wafer environment of lithography scanner, which are 5ppb and 0.05 ppb respectively. Through the automatic simulation calculation tool by MayAir, the influence of chemical filtration coverage on chemical filtration efficiency, replacement cycle and annual consumption can be simulated. According to the following example, if the chemical filtration coverage rate ≤30%, it cannot meet the environmental concentration requirements. When the coverage rate reaches 40%, it needs to increase the termination filtration efficiency to 90% to meet the environmental concentration requirements. It is a more reasonable deployment when the coverage rate is around 50%-75%. When the coverage is increased to 100%, which means the deployment is too high, it will increase the annual consumption of chemical filtration material.
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Technical Articles| High Vacuum Dust Removal System Helps Achieve Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peak
Since September 2020, China has tabled the goal of carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 at the 75th United Nations General Assembly. The Government has proposed a series of measures to promote the realization of this goal. As a company that dedicates on high-level purification, MayAir actively supports the national policy of carbon neutrality as part of its social responsibility initiatives. We have invested a lot in manpower and resources for applying various filtration technologies in the industrial manufacturing activities, in order to control and treat the dust pollution yet energy saved and carbon emissions reduction.
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