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10 2022-06

Good News | MayAir has won the third prize for Jiangsu Science and Technology Award

Recently, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province announced the results of the 2021 Jiangsu Science and Technology Award. MayAir Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MayAir"), being the unit to complete with a second achievement for "Key Technology and Application of High Efficiency and Low Resistance Bacteria of Glass Microfiber Air Filter Material", had won the third prize.
04 2021-08

Air Disinfection Machine helps improve the work efficiency of medical staff

In order to improve the work efficiency of medical staff during the pandemic, the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association coordinated some disinfection machine manufacturers in the province to donate disinfection machines to several major hospitals in Nanjing, this can avoid the suspension of the work of the medical staff due to the spraying of disinfectants.
06 2021-07

20 years of memories and ingenuity in creating a clean future!

21 June 2021 is not just a number, and MayAir was officially established 20 years ago. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of MayAir.
06 2021-07

Twenty years of obsessive thoughts, ingenuity and pure luck for the future!

On June 21, 2021, it is not just a number. MayAir was officially established today 20 years ago, and today we celebrate MayAir’s 20th birthday. MayAir branches all over the world have sent blessings to share this joy together.
29 2021-04

At Westin Xi’an,enjoy the April days on earth

When the earth recovered and everything began, the most beautiful day was April. When you sat on the bench of Westin Hotel, the sunlight fell on your shoulders through the glass and you breathed the clean air brought by MayAir "clean panel”. Time flew slowly. What a wonderful spring time it was!
23 2021-04

The 22nd IE expo China ended successfully!

The 22nd IE Expo China ended successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).


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